I understand why Frida kept tying those blooms in her hair. She, in my eyes, is the original ‘Punk rocker with flowers in her hair’. Despite what critics and writers have said in numerous publications over the years about Frida’s obsession with nature, and how it was a continuous reference to her miscarriage, fertility, death yada yada… I think Frida is a bit of a biophiliac…  like me. I think she found refuge in those blooms, they were her therapy and hope. Albeit the darkness in her paintings, the flowers elevated her and held her together.

I think.

The term “biophilia” literally means “love of life or living systems.” It was first used by Erich Fromm to describe a psychological orientation of being attracted to all that is alive and vital.. A man named Wilson proposed that ‘the deep positive affiliations humans have with nature are rooted in our biology’.

I think, after many years, I have come to understand, that I have quite a lot of biophiliac tendencies. Having plants and flowers in my spaces at home, work and also play, is invigorating, soothing, and therapeutic. Being in natural environments I find is incredibly healing in ways I rarely expect, and spending time creating arrangements and having my hands in soil is rejuvenating. I probably sound like a crack head high on leaves, but to me, there is a joy in all things botanical. Aesthetically I find simple cuttings in clear glass tubes, jars or bowls and vases a beautiful way to bring nature into your space. I’m also quite a self medicating plant junkie, in that I have an aloe plant, Echinacea plant and others which I frequently use to heal myself where and when needed (cuts, colds etc). I also collect botanical prints and paintings, often indulging in a little foraging and illustrating my own. I often accessorise with blooms and am drawn to images and communities who use flowers to express their cultural, religious or aesthetic orientations, like the Mru people in the Chittagong hill tracks as an example.

I will be sharing a lot of my plant talk/flower arrangements/and love of botanical illustrations and natural architecture under this category. I hope you enjoy…

© 2014  Shroomantics ~ Rahima Begum


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