Spring’s New Folk

Fashion as we all know has a cyclic motion, so this year, I feel like the bicycle clubs just landed in my garden and wants to set camp. Folk is here as a reference point of aesthetic delight this spring and summer says Valentino. And I have to say, although these bright eyed deep pocketed designers rarely make me want to join the race of the great and seasonal, on this occasion I agree with him. A random purchase of a black jumper with bold floral embroidery last year left me wanting more. And Valentino’s take on the next season just delivered that.

He has touched my heart with his heady collection of beautiful garments with a nod towards 17th century Dutch still life paintings and the often saturated themes of the dark but whimsical. Heavily embroidered flowers and rich layers of print and pattern find themselves punctuating every inch of well tailored black dresses and skirts. Unlike the bohemian chic of fashions past, like Zandra Rhodes infatuation with paisley prints, Valentino has continued with winter’s deep moods of noir, and true to his inspiration, created items of clothing which are accessible, but luxuriously ornate. I’m drawn to the global folksy feeling each piece exudes, dipping between Mexican prints to Indian handicrafts and African tribal jewellery, with a strong base of fauna and flora. I love, I really do.

© 2014  Shroomantices ~ Rahima Begum


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