The Great & Precious

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Diamonds are not everyone’s best friend, although they are very beautiful. I think I’m a little fussy eyed magpie that likes the old and forgotten or the new and playful. Jade, eroded metals, battered silvers, intricate gold or spun beaded fierceness around the collar or cuff is what brings me aesthetic joy. I like everything from dry flowers frozen in perspex and looped through thread, to carved wooden beads layered from the neck to the belly button. But if it’s crafted with love, makes a statement, and produced with a care for the world we live in, I am that much more excited. There is something breathtakingly striking about a well placed piece of jewellery that can hold its own and requires no fancy garment to bring it to the forefront.

I’ve noticed quite an interest in the fashion world towards South African and Brazilian arts and crafts as well as allegoric symbols and rituals as key inspirations heading into the new season. With excitement over amethysts, smoky quartz and warm pink stones heading into warmer climates, the fashion world is a frothing scene of activity when it comes to the accessories we wear right now. With the ever changing seasons in this industry, it’s easy to get lost in all the mass produced ornaments being delivered to keep up with the pace of fast fashion and demand… But I’ve always felt that perhaps the strongest trends will be individuality and self-expression and our jewels will become less ceremonial and ostentatious, and more a reflection (and exhibition to some extent), of our personal style, life and history. I hope the future of these trends is less about homogenising looks that we feel compelled to follow because they are more accessible and ‘fashionable’, but about what we each bring to pieces of ornaments that rest, hang or peek through our skin.

So on this note; I’d like to share this nature inspired ear cuff with you. I cannot for the life of me find out who designed it.  It’s beautiful. I love how it branches out from behind the ear, almost trying to connect with the mind.

The necklace is one of many favourite pieces of mine from MASH style, a company I really love. Delicate pieces which look sublime on the neck. Check out their website and purchase your own piece of decadence >

And finally, the beautifully powerful rings rings from Yemen. These would be staples for anyone whose taste nods to the nomadic and bohemian. But I’ve found rings like this to be incredibly versatile, beyond a smock dress or cotton maxi skirt kissing the earth as you walk… jewels of this nature can often be the perfect accessory on a very simple shift dress, or a tailored suit as well. These caught my eye because I love red and against the smoky silver, it is simply beautiful.

© 2014  Shroomantices ~ Rahima Begum


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