I finally have a Studio! :D

I used to paint and draw wherever I could. Doodling on every scrap of paper I found on the train to work were opportunities for me to wonder off with ink. I often found myself limiting projects by size because my bedroom floor, the dining table or garden were the only places I could work. Juggling a full time job and commitments to running a charity meant I found myself creating less and less. This all changed recently when I quit my job so I could pursue what I loved most, art.

Finding a studio wasn’t easy. Either they were ridiculously expensive or the size of a matchbox. After months of looking, I finally found it, in a renovated large Victorian house on the first floor. It was slightly run down but with lots of light coming in through original wooden sash windows. I knew it was the one the moment I saw the windows. I’ve always had a soft spot for sash windows. My neighbours are also creatives with a huge studio and editing suite… and make incredible tea.

With a little love, that took a lot longer than expected (ripping carpets, stripping walls, painting, nailing, scrubbing), and lots of help from my partner and his friend, I have transformed this space into a clean, but organised studio, where I store my equipment, pin up images that inspire me most and help me to create, and display objects I have collected over the years which continue to excite me and fill my mind with endless ideas. The furniture has kindly been donated to me. The benches are my favourite. My partner made these for the school at which he works; after many years, the school no longer needed them and now they are mine, all complete with ‘S+T 4eva’ and ‘N woz ere’ etched into the wood. Haha.

It’s an eclectic space which is still quite bare, but just what I need to keep me moving and making. Home 🙂

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  1. Rukhsana Haider

    Fantastic! So finally the artist inside you will be leashed into the wider world. I cannot wait!
    As much as you’ve longed for this. . The eyes of many would have realised they have yearned for this and truly you will fill the gap in their colourful world.
    “You’re a natural born artist..” I’ve always said it. . Now the rest of the world can witness it too.
    Looking forward to every stroke, line and smudge.
    Yours truly

  2. Mahbub Ahmed

    Loving the look of it. Good Luck ….

  3. Tim

    Great news Reggie

  4. Thank you so much for your support and lovely words!! come and visit me 🙂 xxx

  5. Kazza

    Frickin amazing!!! Can’t wait to visit! I’m gonna draw you something!!

  6. Kazza Thank you 🙂 By all means, pop by 🙂
    And yes, I love receiving drawings

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