Old Bottles, New Blooms

20140225_153737-1 (1)Ever received a bouquet of flowers and then split it into three jars? Or stuck that rose from a loved one into the nearest empty drinks bottle in your room?  A big bouquet of wonderfully fresh open flowers is almost as beautiful as a potted plant or creeping bloom on an old family home in summer, but definitely not as striking as a group of glass bottles holding single stems of spring buds, wild flowers or tree cuttings.

I’ve always loved recycling bottles and using them almost as mini vases containers for curiosities – I display like them little installations of art/nature in my home and studio. There is something simply beautiful about displaying often overwhelming bunches of flowers or plants in an interior in this way. The best part is, there is no need to go and spend money on vases when you can have something so much more interesting.

The image on the right is my recent re-use of six J2O drink bottles, which now hold pretty cuttings in my studio.

So next time you come across empty pretty glass bottles or jars in your home, don’t throw them away, re-use them, or post them to me haha 😉

© 2014  Shroomantics ~ Rahima Begum




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