Nomadic Statements

Rajasthan, its people, culture, colours and textiles as a reference point for designers across the world is no new thing. Many creative types have found themselves deeply excited by the decadence of the ‘Rajasthani aesthetic’, whilst others have found this global flocking and copying for the mass market to be a form of exploitation by many living in the region today.

I have not travelled to the region, but hope to soon. I am drawn to the ‘pink city’ – Jaipur, its royal history, art, craft and vibrancy and images from the city have been a constant source of inspiration for me and I am sure I speak for many. I personally feel there is very strong line between exploitation and inspiration. The strong aesthetic, history and heritage is one many designers marvel over, and as long as there is a sensitivity to it and care to how it is portrayed, then it can only be a celebrated thing that a region and its cultural dress codes can be such strong sources of wonder and inspiration.

As compelling as the sheer influence that Rajasthan has had on international designers, I am more excited by how artisans and creatives in India are interpreting and re-constructing some of these aesthetics into something new and distinct and yet somehow lending to its regional source.

An example of a company I feel really hones into this is Jaypore. Like the name of the city I cannot wait to visit one day, Jaypore is a brand that not only refer to themselves as story tellers, but also discover the best designs from artisans and craftsmen from all over India, and deliver them at exceptional value to their members on an international scale. Their continuous dedication to the essence of arts and crafts in India is commendable. And their developments and re-interpretations of these age old methods and aesthetics are sensitively done, so the result is one that is distinctly Indian, but incredibly fresh, wearable, and versatile with anything you have in your wardrobe.

What i most love about their various collections is their dedication to incredibly bold and beautiful jewellery. Every woman (and man, if you like that kinda thing) has the odd statement necklace lying around in their wardrobe. In my case, I think I have accumulated a little too many. There is something ultimately striking in wearing one fierce statement necklace which transforms even the simplest most paired down garment into a full blown epic story.

At Jaypore, the Banjara necklaces that we often associate with Rajasthani communities are in the few, but what is exciting is how designers have taken inspiration from these adornments but reached outside the box. They have delivered pieces of jewellery which bring together so much of what excites us about this region and many others across India. Some pieces harmoniously bring together old silver with wood, perspex and embroidery. Whist others have been completely deconstructed and worn almost as pieces of art around the neck. A truly global approach to a local aesthetic  – making their necklaces the ideal statement.

To find out more, visit their website >

See images below. These are some of my favourite pieces out of the hundreds they have available to purchase. 


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