Artistry in Fashion

The marriage of art and fashion has been a long and steady one. But when they are brought to a beautiful execution like the way Antonio Marras has done with his spring summer 2014 collection, it all gets very exciting.

Now I don’t think I could ever afford one of these gorgeous outfits, but I certainly will enjoy looking at the collection on my screen and marvelling at the detail and energy of each of the pieces.

The collection was inspired by mythological stories that Marras would tell his children. Stories that were about metamorphosis, like tales of Arachne or Daphne. This idea of transformation developed when the designer saw an exhibition of the fanciful sculptures by the artist Kathy Ruttenberg. This exhibition dealt with ideas of change, transmutation, newness etc. It’s clear to see how he has taken these concepts and literally applied them to each garment through wonderful layering, illustration and needlework.

I have always had a weakness for botanical prints and have been collecting them over the years; so to see Marras take blooms to a whole new level in this collection is inspiring to say the least.

Marras suggested that this was something of a bizarre start for a collection, but it ended up being quite beautiful. All of the hand-painted appliqué images from flowers to country scapes, of which some where further embellished with leather, patent, net and lace, transformed each garment into a moving canvas for a designer who really is an artist in his own right.

© 2014  Shroomantics ~ Rahima Begum


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