Lady of Urban Wonderlust

*This piece has now SOLD*

Original Illustration
Price   £50
(including Frame & P+P, UK only = £5)

* Lady of Urban Wonderlust

She recently got a job at Urban outfitters. Her shirt is vintage and she was told by her manager to wear a flower wreath in her hair every mondays. Like she was in the midst of a communist revolution. She wanted to work as a marine biologist instead. Somewhere where jelly fish were common.

  • Mixed Media on Indian Khaadi Paper (Handmade)
  • Framed (A4) – Oak high quality frame

© 2014 Shroomantics ~ Rahima Begum


About shroomantics

Artist, Activist, Maker, Thinker, Creator, Shaker, Nature Lover :) Join my creative journey at


  1. really admire all your art work. If I could I would purchase them all. tee hee

    • Thankyou so much razzle unicorn. Your warm words mean a lot. I’m always trying to keep prices for smaller pieces under £100 so it’s affordable and accessible to more people.
      Maybe one day in the near future you’d want to treat yourself to a small piece as a keepsake 🙂 x

      • I have no doubt that your prices reflect your work. I have a few artistic friends and I am always happy to pay the price they offer.

        you know what. I think I will. Just finishing my last assignment for Year 2 and I will come back onto your blog and treat myself. yay. (I should be doing my assignment) eeek

      • Haha Goodluck with your assignments. Ah I remember how stressful they can be. Hope it goes well.

        By the time you come back to treat yourself I will have more pieces available so more to choose from 🙂

  2. Are your paintings still available 🙂

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