Sabr ~ Patience

My client contacted me a few months ago with only one request. That I produce something which resonated what he felt and wanted to express to his wife in piece of art she could keep forever as a reminder of their journey. The couple are Muslim and my client, being the spiritual man that he is was keen on ensuring this echoed through the piece. He wanted something which captured the beauty and longevity of the life now with his wife and the life after in the gardens of Eden. He wanted a piece which encapsulated the importance of patience – ‘sabr’ – in Arabic, a key to ensuring that through the trials and tribulations of life and marriage itself, it is vital to remember to be kind, considerate and patient with each other.

And so I selected two verses from the Holy Quran which explained the essence of patience, and attempted, after many years, to glide through the canvas as effortlessly as I see the calligraphy masters do, and express through my clients brief few words; the beauty of love, marriage and the guidance of God.

I call this piece ‘Sabr’

Acrylic on Cotton Canvas

© 2014  Shroomantics ~ Rahima Begum


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  1. Razana Noor

    Lovely MashAllah:)

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