The Statement Necklace

Drawing attention to the neck and collar with a mighty statement necklace has been at the cusp of desire in the last couple of years. Women up and down the globe are expressing their take on these pieces with cultural and experimental references. I’ve always had a little zeal for it and it’s exciting to see different companies compete in making the most profound of statements.

Natural materials, fibres, and a bohemian sensibility is what I am often drawn to. However, on the occasional moments in life, we all crave to sparkle and be as ostentatious and opulent as we can be. In those rare moments, I seek the sparkliest of gems in my armoire, and recently, it simply doesn’t get better then some of the pieces I have been sent by a UK based company which is currently undergoing (not that they need it) a brand makeover ~ Tasneem Tasbeehs.

This company brings beautiful and incredibly affordable fashion and lifestyle products to the wider market. I recently received three wonderful statement necklaces amongst other things, each packaged securely and delightfully. The attention to detail was just incredibly on point for a relatively young but robust company.

The first necklace is a staple in every woman’s wardrobe; the nomadic Moroccan coin necklace which, thanks to social media platforms like instagram, it has become quite the craze. This piece is simpler, less fussier then I have seen across a number of lookbooks and is probably the most versatile of the three necklaces. A single strand coin necklace, with solid clasps and chain; this is a must have item in your wardrobe. As I expected, the quality of the necklace was fantastic and I can see it bringing just the right amount of pizzazz to a simple blouse and faded jeans.

The second necklace I unveiled was more in line with what I would usually be attracted to. Inspired by nature and Indian ornate jewellery, similar pieces have graced the shelves of Zara and Urban Outfitters amongst others, but the quality and value for money for this piece is just unbeatable. Beads are secured with thread and each powder blue stone is luxuriously set in earthy old silver. With the expected surge of pastels hitting catwalks every summer, this necklace will be a timeless ode to the boho chic, effortless yet glamourous looks that we wear through the warmer months. This piece is just as attractive in the day with a fresh white tshirt and skinnies as it is in the evening worn with darker hues and contrasting prints.

And finally, the third, most flamboyant of them all, is the crystal chandelier inspired necklace. Sparkling gem necklaces do not come better than this lustworthy statement piece. Packed with countless glass gems and diamantes, this bauble is guaranteed to put a dash of sparkle into your look. I’m not sure if I would try to work this during the day, I think I will reserve this for those date nights and evenings sipping coolers with the girlfriends. But for the braver amongst you, this may just be what you need to pick up a dull daily outfit or make that lunch date look that much more interesting. What’s more, the price tag makes this opulent necklace the perfect piece of affordable luxe.

I love all three necklaces and would (and believe me this is unbias) recommend you visit the company directors facebook page, and look at her albums and contact her to purchase >  TasneemTasbeehs

The quality and price is unbeatable, and the companies care to packaging, unexpected personalised touches and professionalism is unlike any new and upcoming company I have come across.

Not only are these pieces totally on-trend, but often they are outfit game changers as they will transform even the most ordinary of looks into something glamorous. But most of all, and the real reason why I adore them so much, is that all three are timeless statements of beauty which will work throughout the seasons.

To find out more and to purchase >

© 2014  Shroomantics ~ Rahima Begum


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