Summer Wardrobe Essentials

Balmy Summers anywhere in the world usually makes us want to take everything off and take a dip in the nearest pool, dive into an ice bucket or consume copious amounts of chilled watermelon. Trying to find the right dress which is both bang on trend, beautiful all summer round, produced with high quality fabrics, affordable and also light and airy is not always easy…. especially when you’re also keen to look a little modest.

But there have been a few wonderful online boutiques mushrooming in the last couple of years which are doing just that – producing high quality modest yet fashionable garments at affordable prices. One of my favourite is Tasneem Tasbeehs. The dress and light summer scarves seen below are just a handful of some of the beautiful items of clothing and accessories they have on offer.

I absolutely loved this dress and am planning on taking it  abroad with me soon. It is a gorgeous bright olive meets lime cocktail coloured dress, with pleating that makes the vertically challenged women amongst us very very happy with its elongating effect. It also has an easy relaxed breezy look about it which I love – and  is ideal for the whole of the summer period. It’s also great for daytime, and with the right heels and statement necklace, wonderfully dressy in the evening.

The scarves available from this company are equally wonderful. High quality lightweight fabrics, with elegant lace detail which can be worn all year round. With autumn/fall not too far away, the company are also in the process of bringing to you heavier weaves in beautiful deeper hues for the chillier months ahead.

I would recommend you visit the company directors facebook page, and look at her albums and contact her to purchase >  TasneemTasbeehs

The quality and price is unbeatable, and the companies care to packaging, unexpected personalised touches and professionalism is unlike any new and upcoming company I have come across.

To find out more and to purchase >

Item’s featured below: Olive Dress, Maroon Scarf, Teal Scarf, No Snag Safety/Hijab/Scarf Pins and Rose printed Tin Box for Pins, Leather tassle Keyring

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