Universe is She

This summer I was working on the largest painting I have ever worked on for a wonderful client. It was 8ft by 4ft, 1.5inches deep, beautifully primed cotton stretched on a solid wooden frame that smelt newly polished for almost a month after it entered my studio.

Her brief was very brief – a timeless piece inspired by India, Women, Female Strength, Spirituality, Sensuality, Universe, Nature, Fertility, Life Cycle, Harmony, Peace and Tranquillity. A painting which her daughters could grow up with, take inspiration from and seek warmth in.

I loved every second of producing this mammoth piece and was delighted to have been commissioned to do it.

Universe is She.Ā 

Ā© 2014 Shroomantics ~ Rahima Begum

In the clients home šŸ™‚


Universe is She



About shroomantics

Artist, Activist, Maker, Thinker, Creator, Shaker, Nature Lover :) Join my creative journey at shroomantics.wordpress.com


  1. Rahima, this is stunning!! You are so talented mashAllah! X

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