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I’ve always felt that if we do not support small businesses and projects, then the big boys will always reign and push further the socio-economic imbalance in our world today. The local cornershop, your aunty’s wonderful bakery, your friends car rental and your neighbours nail parlour will need the same (if not more) support as your local chain of grocery stores that seem to punctuate every corner of our streets today to survive and grow.

Supporting female entrepreneurs in whatever capacity I can has been something I’ve integrated into my life for over a decade now. As consumers, it’s too easy to sheepishly spend our money where the rest do or where it’s most accessible. But if we can integrate these small businesses into our lifestyle and consumption habits, then not only are we trying out new and wonderful things often, we are also supporting our community and society as a whole by contributing towards a more balanced economy. I’ve always felt passionate about channelling all this more so towards my ‘ladies in business’. Women who have bagged the day job, gone solo, channelled their skills and taken the plunge to start their own brand.

I was recently introduced to ‘Flawless BB’ (Flawless Beauty Break). A new salon in the East end of London. Getting a facial every other month is one of few treats and moments of ‘me time’ I refuse to compromise on in my hectic life. I have had some wonderful treatments in the last few years from the well established salons on the pricier end, to those quick purse friendly ones you squeeze in during a busy day at work.  But my experience at Flawless BB was possibly one of the best facials I’ve had in years.

On their website I read ‘Flaweless Beauty Break is a brand new establishment committed to delivering exceptional customer service and professionalism with great attention to detail’  – and boy did it deliver!

I found her small but beautifully equipped salon nestled right outside the DLR station in London E1. Friendly and incredibly professional, we went through the usual routine questions about my skin.  And then my qualified skincare specialist, who also happens to be the amazingly talented founder of the business, gave me a wonderfully rejuvenating treatment in a very relaxing atmosphere (with the right music, and not too many pan pipes, haha).

I had a 60min Guinot Beaute Neauve Facial. Priced at £40, it included a double peeling deep exfoliating treatment. The radiance and rejuvenating treatment using the Peel’In gel with fruit acids separates the dead cells from the living cells and the Peel’Out foam exfoliates the dead skin cells to reveal healthy new skin. Includes glycolic acids and vitamin C.

The fragrance of each product was lovely, and not unnatural and heavy. The products felt great on my skin. Her technique was one of best I’ve had in years and incredibly bespoke to my needs. I felt my skin was looking dehydrated, tired and dry and she subtly adjusted the facial to meet those needs. The best part was during the few minutes of my face mask drying, I didn’t hear her cleaning her equipment, or fuss around the room moving. Instead, she sustained the relaxing atmosphere and continued to pamper. During this time, she gave a wonderful full arm and hand massage with essential oils, and also a dry foot massage. Certainly more then I have bargained for or received in facials in numerous places in the past.

I came to learn that my skin care specialist has over 8 years beauty industry experience and training with Guinot, one of the industry’s skincare leaders in beauty care and after all those years, she felt finally ready to take the leap and start her salon.  I could really see the years of experience come through, but best of all, she had completely made it her own and added touches of what she felt these treatments should feel, sound and smell like. She is incredibly sensitive to each client’s skin needs, and her salon is a little escape where I feel confident that my skin will be taken care of with utmost care that goes beyond what the treatment entails and time and money spent.

I left the salon relaxed and my skin feeling lighter, cleaner, glowing, and absolutely pampered. It has been five days since I got this facial and that is when you can really see the benefits… and today, my skin feels better than it has in years. It’s smoother, radiant, and supple and it’s all down to her technique, attention to all the nuances of my skin and years of experience.

Flawless BB Salon, has a wide variety of treatments, from facials to body massages to the usual waxes and pedicures and manicures. Its treatments are all affordable, and you get so much more than what you pay for. I would recommend this place to all the ladies, especially those who live/work in East London and looking for a local beauty break escape.

Our largest organ needs the finest, and Flawless BB certainly holds a benchmark on facials for me now.

Check out their website for more information

Find them on Facebook

Flawless Beauty Break
7C Martha Street
London, E1 2PX
Tel: 07714 234 881
Email:  ​flawlessbbreak@gmail.com

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