Brand Refresh Project

I have not blogged in some time. I’m finding myself apologising quite often for the lack of communication on here due to my sudden dissapearances haha. I’m sorry. Here it is again. But it really is not good enough. I’ve missed writing and sharing with you.

I was hired for seven weeks by a business called D’Gaf in the east end of London. A three storey building divided into a cafe, a restaurant, an event space, a terrace lounge and private rooms for parties. An all rounded thriving establishment for all sorts of activities. I frequented this place a few years ago when I lived in the neighbourhood.  So it was an honour to have been hired to carry out their brand refresh and interior design project. Although my strengths lie in art/illustration, interior design and branding are things I have occasionally dabbled in and genuinely enjoy so it was quite the privilege and challenge to take this on.

I have to say, this was probably the most stressful and physically and mentally challenging project I have ever worked on. I found myself working round the clock to meet deadlines, and as with all fixed contracts and site jobs working with various contractors and builders, I really did have to work on my patience and negotiation skills haha.. But it was a great opportunity. See pics below and a list of services I offered as part of this project.

I worked on the following areas of the business –

  • Staff hire /fire
  • Staff Uniforms – from design to production
  • Staff training / Vision / Customer services / Ethos / Best practice
  • Menu’s – Food / Drink – from design and production
  • Coming up with new dishes and drinks with chef and mixologist
  • D’Gaf Experience Literature – design, content, production
  • Interior Design
  • Project Management of Interior Design (Across three floors)
  • Social Media Strategy & Hiring Staff
  • Book Keeping Methods & Hire
  • Social Media Pages Refresh
  • Company Policy, Procedures, Principles – All documents
  • All Visual/Online Branding & Communication
  • Marketing / Advertising – Video/Photography
  • Art
  • Upcycling
  • Soft & Hard Furnishings

© 2015 Shroomantics ~ Rahima Begum


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