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IMG20151031173721Hello there rosebuds

I am so sorry I have been quiet for so long. Almost 10 months! 

I’ve been very busy playing with colour, traveling and working across a series of interesting projects. I will be updating you on everything in the next few weeks. But right now, lets focus on the most important of these updates, I’m currently exhibiting in London! 🙂 

The collection is titled ‘Her Kinfolk’ and is on for the whole month of November 2015.  It’s free and open to all. For more details >

Details about the exhibition below. Pop by and check it out if you’re in London this month. 

Sunday 1 -29 November (Free)

Brady Arts  – 192-196 Hanbury St, London E1

Exhibition: Her Kinfolk by Rahima Begum

Women are at the pulse of this body of work. Our private and public roles, our successes, our body, our collective history through gender based violence, our experience of war and postcolonial rebirth, our affair with nature and folk customs and our ability to preserve or recreate through aesthetic practices. Be it the female tribe leader of the Dhongria Kondh community in India who weaves mountains and streams in her shawls to express her tribe’s affinity to mother earth, to the young woman working as a city trader London but by night she joins the women of her family to sing the songs from their grandfather’s village in Ireland. These are the carriers of stories and histories. This collection does not want to be specific… we are vast and a compelling fabric of society.

Rahima Begum is a London based artist, activist and co-founder/director of international human rights org Restless Beings. She works across a number of mediums but illustration is at the heart of her practice. Her humanitarian work with marginalised communities across the world hugely influences her work. The preservation of thousand year old cultural/tribal practices and symbols as well as the creation of a new global folk aesthetic is an ongoing muse. Rahima often refer to this as ‘urban folk’ – a nod to everything that we knew and the things we are creating now because of that knowledge in the way we choose to present ourselves, live our lives and define our bodies in the environments and experiences we endure.



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