About Me

Hello there. I’m Rahima… incredibly curious artist, activist, maker, thinker, and magpie.

Welcome to my journey of all things that interest, inspire, and lead me to build, explore and create. I have many muses, and find beauty in both modern and the ancient, new and the decomposing, edible and the man made, utilitarian and the unnecessary… and finally, the vastness of the earth to the intimacy of the domestic environment.

I have many passions; some of which are human rights, natural health and beauty, short stories, fashion, botany, illustration and travel. Aesthetically I am drawn to all things which nod to the bohemian, nomadic, earthy, folksy, heirloom, heritage and handmade.

Some random bumbling about me if you’re in the mood … I’m a self taught artist and consider myself to be a little bit of a pluralist. I’ve always felt art is not restricted to one medium, a creative individual often finds themselves making and developing across mediums, I like to dabble in a lot of them.

I have a fear of woodlice and the dark. Two cats share their lives with me at the moment. My online moniker for years was ‘Mushroom’ (hence Shroomantics ;). I am the co-founder and director of a human rights organisation and British Charity. I used to work in Academic Research and Events. I have an MA in Postcolonial Literature, Theory and History. My favourite authors are Haruki Murakami, Jhumpa Lahiri and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Writers and activists like Arundhati Roy hugely influence my thinking. I’m a Muslim and this shapes my overall outlook in life. I firmly believe in egalitarianism across all fields of life. I have a disturbing weakness for needlework and khaadi paper. Watermelons are my holiday romances. I often yearn to live in sunnier pastures amongst travellers, musicians and artists in a camp of utopian values, haha. Although the energy of the metropolis excites me. My hometown London, Seoul, Hoi Chi Minh, Dhaka, Istanbul, Kuala Lumpur are amongst my favourite cities and I consider them as secondary homes.  And finally, on death row, my last meal would consist of chicken Pho (extra spicy), a big bowl of Bibimbap, Haleem and my mother’s delicious pumpkin and prawn curry.

I hope this blog allows me to share and connect with you and also keeps me moving and making.


  1. I love this Rahima! So you! X

  2. Najmun

    Amazing blog!
    Love everything you talk about 🙂
    And someone else who loves layering as much as me!! Your instagram is awesome too xx

  3. Najmun

    I’m nk__7 on Instagram 🙂

  4. heyitssaba

    I could read this over & over again! You are so inspiring *.*
    XXX saba (@heyitssaba on ig)

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